16 October 2012

Sir Ian McKellen Mistaken as A Beggar

Sir Ian McKellen is a great actor. We knew him for his character plays as Gandalf in Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit trilogys. Magneto in X-Men franchise. Maybe because he's too good as an actor, even when he take a break from a rehearsal, people mistaken him for a true beggar.

This happened when he step outside theater for a break after rehearsing for Waiting for Godot act. He dressed like a tramp and sat on a bench. When he opened his hat, a passer-by gave him an Australian dollar.

This 70-year-old actor said in his tweeter: "During the dress rehearsal of Godot, I crouched by the stage door of the Comedy Theater, getting some air, my bowler hat at my feet (and) seeing an unkempt old man down on his luck, a passer-by said, 'Need some help, brother?' and put a dollar in my hat."

Source: Daily Mail

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